Do you want to get your book STARTED & Published?​

If so, this 7 Step Program will get you on a clear path to getting your book STARTED and published on Amazon so that you can do it easily and make an impact and income.

What will you learn?

How to Get STARTED!

In this course, you will learn simple and effective strategies so you can get your book STARTED & FINISHED!

How to Self-Publish​

You will learn how to create your cover, get your ISBN # and all 7 steps it takes to self-publish with EASE!


How to Sell on Amazon​

You will learn how EASY it is to get your book published to Amazon so you can start making an INCOME!

Here's what people are saying...​

"It was an awesome program with the amazing and beautiful Kelly Falardeau. For those that want to write your book, Kelly is the one to go to. She's amazing!"

Maria Pereira

Best-Selling Author 'Find and and Keep the Love of Your Life'

"Kelly is an amazing teacher! Igot my book up and running through her wisdom, guidence and mentorship... She's an expert at writing and publishing a Best Seller! She's a Best-Selling Author herself! And now I am too, thx to Kelly!"

Carrie Kohan

Best-Selling Author '5 Lessons of Life'

"Being part of Kelly's program helped me to gain the confidence I needed to publish my book. Her step-by-step guidance made it easy to self-publish my book and become a Best-Selling Author. Her program is a shortcut to the complicated world of self-publishing."

Mariana Konsolos

Best-Selling Author 'Say Yes,
Ask Questions Later'


7 Step Author Formula

Here's what Kelly's clients are saying about the program...

Lana Santana

I learned so much and was able to delve deeper into some knowledge I didn't know existed within me! I was motivated and inspired to go forth and publish and become a best seller! You are amazing! Invaluable!

Karen Gros

It was awesome!

Darlene Waye

Your program was wonderful! It was so well done with a wealth of information! I learned so much! Thank you.

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Since this is an online product purchase, I understand you might be hesitant about purchasing the 7 Steps Author Formula, even if you know me. Because I’m confident you’ll love the course and will achieve results, I’m also giving a 30-day, full money back guarantee to remove all the risk on your side.


When you sign up for the course, you can look through the materials, apply it, and you’re not satisfied, just send us an email showing us proof that you’ve done all the work in the course, and you’ll receive a full refund.

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Does publishing a book cost a lot of money?

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