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Aleisha, my Angel Baby


On Oct 4, my Angel, Baby Aleisha, would have been 20 yrs old. This picture is one of my absolute fave pictures ever. Her little hand was so tiny, her whole hand fit on my finger and I couldn’t stop staring at how tiny her hand was. 👼


Sometimes you don’t realize how precious life is until you see a picture like this.


When she was stillborn (at 28 weeks and 1.5 pounds), I blamed myself for losing her. After all, she was inside of me so it had to be my fault, right? 😥


My doctor suggested an autopsy so we could find out why she died. Maybe it would end my guilt. 


Here’s what we found out:


⚕️The medical reason…. Her umbilical cord grew shut and we had no idea it was happening. It was not my fault. 


🕊️The spiritual reason…. She gave up her life so we could bring the twin boys into the world and she could be with her family in heaven. We already had a baby girl who was not quite 2. If she had been born, we would have stopped at the two girls.


😭 I went into a deep depression when I lost my Angel baby and my daughter kept me alive.  She was the only reason I was still living at the time. I still remember her pulling me out of bed while saying “Mommy, I need to eat.”


Last week was International daughter’s and sons’ day and I want to celebrate both of my daughters and my two sons. When I was young, I had no idea I could be a mom. I got burnt as a 2-yr-old to 75% of my body and I didn’t think burn survivors could have kids. ☺️

Why am I sharing this story with you?


Because I believe everyone has a story and they need to be told. In speeches, in podcasts and especially in books. 📚


And that’s what I’m here to share with you. Oct 15-17, I am hosting my Bestselling Author Mastery Live event and you will learn how to take your stories and create bestselling books out of them. 


My final message to you is, all life is precious.


Talk soon,





Becoming A Bestselling Author: The Culmination of Collaborative Compilations


Interesting title? This is just another way that you could write that book: you don’t even have to write a word!


What am I talking about, you say?


In my previous emails, I’ve been talking about your inner book probably being based on either something you know about, or something that ignites your passion:  but not all books are created in this way.


Take Corey Poirier, for example.  Corey started a new brand of books called bLU Talks –Business Life And Universe and has created 4 books in the series so far.


Each book is a compilation of the stories of 30-40 different authors on the topics of business, life or the universe that meld together to create a series of stories that will impact and inspire the reader in ways they never thought were possible.


It’s a known fact that one of the best ways to learn a lesson is to hear a story from someone who has lived through it, but what we don’t realize is the story behind what the writer has experienced to get where they are today.


Corey had published his book with another publisher before discovering my Bestselling Author Mastery Live Event. With a goal of wanting to have a bestseller, Corey decided to use my methods to achieve this.


Sure enough, all 4 of his books are on the bestseller list, and have been for over a year, in multiple categories, in both the United States and Canada.


So Corey proves the point that you don’t necessarily have to have unique, tragic or uplifting personal experiences – sometimes you can gather your intel from others.


And all you need then is a guide to show you how to put it all together....


If your goal is to learn how to write a book, how to publish a book or how to become a bestselling author – I'm your gal!


Head on over to my Bestselling Author Mastery Live Event, find out more about what I have to offer and hear more testimonials from satisfied clients.


There’s nothing to lose, but oh boy, imagine what you could possibly gain.......


Talk soon,



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Living at Home 24/7


I guess that’s rather an obvious headline considering our present situation with Covid-19. Many of us ARE at  home 24/7!


But I’m talking about being at home 24/7 of your own choice, not out of circumstances. To do this, we’ve got to find a way to use the tools within us to create income, so we never have to answer to a boss again.


We have to either put our heads down and bums up and utilize what’s within, or find somebody that can teach us how.


Some of the most rewarding skills you could ever learn revolve around how to write or publish a book and how to become a bestselling author.


Let me introduce you to Tallal Gondal. Based in the UK, Tallal wrote a book on networking that skyrocketed him toward his goal to be a bestselling author.


“TurboCharged Networking” is Tallal’s bestseller that shares the message that Care, Value and Service are the three key elements to building human connection. Human connection is the critical connection to networking and building authentic long term relationships.


Tallal is also a speaker, with a mission to help others cultivate their mindset and develop a skillset in order to become world class networkers.


Tallal is armed with a colorful and interesting lifestyle which includes driving fast cars, the gym, being a Maths Lecturer and a Boxing Coach. It’s not hard to work out why Tallal would want to become a bestselling author and to choose to live at home 24/7.


And I’m sure his wife and family are in complete agreement with his decision to learn how to write a book and become a bestselling author.


While you’d never believe it based on the quality of his book, Tallal had no clue at all how to write or format a book.


Once again, Enter ME..... Ta Dah!


With strategic coaching through my Bestselling Author Mastery Live Event, Tallal achieved the enviable rank of bestselling author in the UK, US and Canada.


Let’s find your inner book and get you on your dream journey too.

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Talk soon,



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A Silk Purse out of a Sow's Ear


I’ve always been a “glass half full” kinda gal and I guess I can thank my mother for that.


Through my own personal tragedy at a very young age, my mother taught me to make lemons out of lemonade or a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. In effect, work with what you’ve got.


In that respect, rather than just suffer or endure the depression that inevitably rears its ugly head, we can use our personal experiences – no matter how dire – to pivot our life journey in a different direction.


My client Terry Mudryk knows this all too well.


Terry’s youngest son Bryan got cancer twice before the age of 21 years, and survived. Unfortunately, Terry’s older son Marty succumbed to a deadly bile liver cancer.


The fight to save Marty’s life was Terry’s motivation to research alternative holistic healing options when conventional medical practices didn’t work. Marty outlived his oncologist’s predictions and how this occurred is explained in her book “I Can-cer VIVE”.


Her book is a testament to their story and their journey and will teach you ways to live a more healthy life using essential oils and avoiding chemicals.


Terry had already completed her first book before finding my Bestselling Author Mastery Live Event, but she was keen to create a second edition.


With numerous five star reviews, I think the fact that even the power and passion of tragedy can ignite the inner book within you is undeniably proven.


Here’s an excerpt from one of Terry’s reviews:

Tracy N.

5.0 out of 5 stars Personal Journey

“I can't say enough about how fabulous this book is. We all need to pay attention to what is being allowed to be put in our everyday products we all use. Terry's personal journey has been absolutely devastating with both of her sons dealing with cancer and one of them losing his life. We should all take pause and read about how this tenacious mother dealt with it, what she learned and how she has dedicated her life to helping others through her amazing research and mountains of helpful tips to healthy living.”


Terry had no idea how to become a bestselling author, and now her book has been on the bestseller’s list for over a year.


Find out more about my Bestselling Author Mastery Live Event here.


I’m incredibly confident that I can help you find your inner book. It’s really not hard with the right guidance – and that’s what I do best!


Talk soon,


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My Kingdom for a Book


Does the thought of learning how to write a book make you feel all squidgy inside?

Or does the thought of becoming a bestselling author send you off into flurries of imagination that are difficult to tame?

Or sadly, is the dream so big and the knowledge so small that all you feel is frustration?

That’s how DeeAnne Riendeau felt: completely frustrated.  She had already tried to publish a book on Amazon using her own devices, but it turns out she was in the wrong place.

Luckily DeeAnne and I had a mutual friend who suggested to her that she ask me to help her.

DeeAnne’s anxiety was at its peak, especially as her book launch was starting in just two days and it wasn’t even appearing on Amazon yet!

Enter.... me: Ta Dah!

With some well targeted coaching, DeeAnne became a bestselling author and now has a total of three published books under her belt with a fourth on the way.

“Heal: You Have The Power," is DeeAnne’s first book. It is a compilation of healing stories written by DeeAnne and a group of other authors that will give you hope in your healing journey.

These are everyday people with struggles and challenges who have a desire to share their stories in the hope of shining a light on the healing process.

Written with the passion found in personal experiences, DeeAnne has followed up her first book with two others along the same lines, but in collaboration of different authors.

This widens the experiences and challenges and gives a greater set of experiences to reach a larger percentage of readers.

So like many others, DeeAnne’s frustration was vanquished to Never Never Land.

And now it’s your turn to get your book written, published and launched by attending the Bestselling Author Mastery Live Event right here.
Talk Soon,


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From Chaos to Calm


So, you’re wondering how to start writing a book? Or maybe how to publish a book, or how to become a bestselling author?


While similar, all of those things gang up on you to create chaos in your brain. There’s no system. What comes first? Is there a natural pattern of progression, or is it a case of throw it all against the wall and see what sticks?


And then you have the emotional doubts: what if I can’t do it? What if nobody buys my book? Can I get fries with that?


(Oops sorry, that last one doesn’t belong... I’m just hungry).


What if you’re looking to write a book so you can escape your present situation, downgrade the stress levels in your life or maybe change careers completely?


Dr Lycka & Harriet Tinka did just that. They co-wrote a book together called “The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life.”


From a bond of friendship and after both of them being besieged by a series of traumatic events, their masterpiece was born and earned them a coveted Quilly Award – the equivalent to an Academy Award for bestselling authors.


Diagnosed with ALS and given six months to live, Dr Lycka applied an unwavering courage and determination and defied the odds. Originally a plastic surgeon, he sold his practise with the goal of becoming a bestselling author and keynote speaker.

Harriet Tinka is also a survivor. Enduring the unthinkable acts of kidna

pping, stabbing and being left for dead, she has gone on to become a “Powerhouse Empowerment” expert, known for her ability to inspire and motivate audiences.


Together, they wrote “The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life” to share the key life lessons they learned in order to help readers find the golden pearls in their biggest challenges and enrich their own lives.


Once again, my coaching was able to help Dr Lycka and Harriet Tinka fit the pieces of their personal puzzle together and create a bestseller that has numerous 5 star reviews and accolades from around the globe.


Find out more about my latest Bestselling Author Mastery Live Event right here.


Talk Soon,



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How to Write a Book... Taming a Tragedy



You know how we’ve been talking about the motivation and ease with which you can write a book coming from what you base your subject matter on?


For example, we’ve talked about writing your bestseller using knowledge and information that you are familiar with, or that ignites your passion.


While I would never wish a tragedy on anyone, the truth is that this is the very circumstance that ignites your emotions to a degree that sometimes words can’t express.


Well, they can - otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about writing a book - but it’s incredibly difficult.


Those who have been through a similar situation will identify and sometimes, even when a situation is recently raw. A well thought out book, written with passion can help someone else to cope. It can also be considerably therapeutic for the writer.


For example, take my friend/client Michelle. Michelle experienced the horror of watching her husband die from a brain tumor a mere 5 months after he was diagnosed.


She wanted to write a book about her experiences but had no idea how or where to start. She came to me and said "Kelly - I know I want to write a book, but I have no clue how to start."


With my coaching, she learned how to use the Facebook statuses that she had kept up-to-date over the course of her husband’s illness and turn what was pretty much a mini diary into a book.


Michelle became a bestselling author in multiple categories with her book “Incurable.”


A poignant story of love and grief, Michelle shares her innermost thoughts and feelings. 




Hard Hitting.


Get your tissues ready, because there’s no way you can get through Michelle’s book without them.


And Michelle didn’t even realize that she’d already written her book through her Facebook updates.


Sometimes our inner book is obvious and all we’re looking for is a structured way to introduce it to the world.


And that’s where I can help. Check out the information on my Bestselling Author Mastery Live Event.


I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised...


Talk soon,



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If They Wrote A Book About Your Life....


That subject line is designed to get your thought juices flowing.


You see, becoming a bestselling author is not hard at all, once you find your inner book. Ideally, this should be based on either something you know a lot about, or something that ignites your passion.


Take Shawn, for example. Shawn had no idea how to write a book but his major challenge stemmed from the fact that he was afraid that he would start his book and never finish.


He’d tried many times to write, but just couldn’t.


Shawn decided to dig deep within himself, and the result was an insightful and thought provoking book entitled “Heal The Boy, Build The Man” that resonates with many of his readers.  He is an international bestselling author in multiple categories, and his 5 star reviews speak for themselves. For example:

We all have an inner child that needs our focus and attention now more than ever!

Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2020

Verified Purchase


This is a book that demonstrates the courage and power we all possess inside. The many challenges and obstacles are initiations to our graduation of greatness. This is a must read for all men and women...


A very moving book that everyone can relate to on some level

Reviewed in Canada on August 29, 2020

Verified Purchase


Shawn does an amazing job being so open and raw with his life story. I was laughing and crying all the way through it all and can hardly wait to see what else he has to share. (Yes, we're working on book #2)


Shawn was in a rather unique position because he was able to tap into a subject that he knew better than anyone else. This in turn ignited his passion to a degree others could identify with what he was saying. Nobody could feel it the same as he did.


Because of the presence of these two key ingredients: knowledge of his subject, and passion, Shawn realized that his inner book was right on the tip of his pen.


In fact, once we were able to cut through the clutter and prove the only barriers he faced were self-created, Shawn was able to write with a stealthy motivation that had been missing on his previous attempts to start writing a book.


Find out more on my website here.


I may just have the missing link for you.


Talk soon,

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A Lesson from Tubthumping?


I hear you.  How on earth could that subject line have anything remotely to do with becoming a bestselling author, or how to write a book?  Trust me, I’ll get to that but I concede you could definitely be forgiven for thinking I’ve gone a bit mad.... but bear with me.
If you haven’t heard of “Tubthumping”, I would suggest that you tap into YouTube and find a video there with the lyrics.
“Tubthumping” was a really popular song from a few years ago by a UK band named Chumbawamba.  All sounds a bit obscure, I know, but here’s the kicker.  It’s in the lyrics:

“I get knocked down, but I get up again
You are never gonna keep me down”


Did you know there are certain things – usually tragic – that we can experience, and because we have no knowledge of anything being any different, it becomes our reality?
 Think of the child born with no arms and no legs, do you think they believe they can’t be successful?
It’s an attitude thing.
Much like the humble bumblebee. You see, there is no way that a bumblebee should be able to fly because its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. But the bumblebee doesn’t know that, so it goes on flying anyway.
So, I guess you’re wondering what all this has to do with me and you?

When I was 2 years old, tragedy struck. I won’t go into the details here, but you can click here to find out more on my website.  (It’s a pretty thought provoking story if I may say so myself).
I was really lucky that my mother taught me how to make lemonade out of lemons, because that helped to set me on my life’s journey.
A journey that has resulted (so far – I haven’t finished yet) in becoming a multiple TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author (7 times) and YWCA Woman of Distinction. This last Award is particularly humbling because it involved my life story and its impact on over 10 million people.

So as you can see, I’m probably fairly well qualified to help you find your inner book.

Everything I do comes from a perspective of passion and a strong desire to help others.

I not only talk the talk, I walk the walk. 

And if it could be done, I could probably walk the talk too.

You can find out more about me, why I’m super qualified to show you how to write a bookhow to publish a book and how to become a bestselling author.

Learn more by clicking here
Talk soon,

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The Dirty Little Secret to Writing a Book...


Believe it or not, there really is a dirty little secret to becoming a bestselling author, and I'm going to reveal it right here.


But not quite yet...


You see, there are a few juicy little tips you need to know, and some myths to dispel before I reveal the dirty little secret to becoming a bestselling author.


But first, can you do me a favor?  Please read this entire article (it won't take long) because if you skip to the end to find the dirty little secret, it won't make any sense to you.


Besides, the tips are crucial to your success anyway, so you may as well opt for the whole cake rather than just a slice.


So here goes:


1.  Book content needs to be written in a way that arouses curiosity and makes your reader want to read more. Create a "hook" at the end of your paragraph that makes your reader say to themselves "I wonder what's coming next?"


2. Effective content is one of the most important facets of becoming a bestselling author.

One sure fire strategy is to squeeze out every bit of information onto your page (or screen), then format it correctly afterwards.  You'd be really surprised at what your brain could come up with on its own if only it could write!


3. You need to choose a subject matter that ignites your passion. Maybe this is something that keeps you awake at night, high on enthusiasm and motivation. Maybe it's a topic that you know a lot about.


Either scenario will give you excellent food for thought and provide a great starting point for your masterpiece.


4. Outsource the gnarly bits. You've heard the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none?" Part of becoming a Bestselling Author is all those additional things that need to be done.


Sure, you can create your book cover, illustrations, publishing and marketing, but you don't have to. These projects can always be outsourced to others with expertise in these areas.

Create the parts of your masterpiece that excite you and that come easily to you. There are squillions of folks who can take care of the nitty gritty bits for you.


5. Understandably, the whole process may appear pretty daunting. Whilst there's so much that goes into becoming a bestselling author, don't be put off by that.


They say that there's a book inside everyone, just waiting to be discovered. All you have to do is find your inner book. Don't be afraid to get some help. A good mentor who's already trodden your future path can be invaluable.


And with that in mind, it's now time to reveal the dirty little secret to becoming a Bestselling Author.


Have you worked it out? The tips I've given you all form part of the bigger picture.

Read the first, bolded letter of each tip and you'll find it.


Yes: the dirty little secret to becoming a bestselling author is very simple:




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How To Write A Book:  Childhood Dream Or Your Reality?


Do you remember those huge dreams you had as a kid?  Things like becoming President of the United States, or an astronaut, or a firefighter, or..... how to become a bestselling author?


What happened to those dreams?


I guess, like most things we never get around to doing, life gets in the way.  Or we listen to those tiny voices in our heads that say "you can't do that".  A lot of those dreams could indeed be very hard to realize, but  learning how to write and publish your own book is NOT one of those.


You see, it's one of those dreams that can be fulfilled at any stage of your life.  It's been said many times that there's a book inside everyone: it's only a matter of tapping into yours and making it real.  Here's a couple of things you should consider:

What Kind Of Writer Are You?


There's really no right or wrong way to write a book.  There are those who need a structured system - you know, plan the overall plot, write a skeleton outline then fill in the middle.  There are others who can sit down with a blank piece of paper (or screen), empty their minds and just write, and write, and write......  no rhyme, no reason.  Just a mind full of random thoughts that can be threaded together to create your masterpiece.


The answer to this question will give you an idea of how to write a book.

Is Your Mind Library Full Of Facts Or Imagination?


Do complicated equations and fascinating algorithms excite you?  Maybe you're an expert on the courting habits of the rednecked parakeet?  Believe it or not, there are those out there that share your passion, clambering for any snippet of information about their chosen subject. While I wouldn't recommend those 2 particular subjects, they're just examples of the sometimes obscure subject matter that may have a following of avid readers.


Or do you have the kind of imagination that makes you ask yourself:  where on earth did that thought come from?  Maybe you feel at home with fanciful unicorns, or good natured giants with the hiccups. Maybe you're a romantic at heart and find  your happy place between the pages of a  torrid romance, or maybe you love making up nonsensical words that "sound" like they mean something?


All these scenarios can provide the ingredients for a bestselling author.

Putting It All Together


I wouldn't be surprised if you told me that all the things I've mentioned here are not new to you.  In fact, at various stages of your life these have been fleeting thoughts - ok, maybe not the rednecked parakeets.  You may have even gone so far as to write down your thoughts in a journal for use at a later date.


The Bad News:  that later date may never come of its own accord. 


The Good News:  It can be right here, right now.


You see, all the ingredients for your bestseller are  right there inside you.  It's like having all the instruments in a band, but learning to  play together successfully means finding the right conductor.


I have the secret to your goal or lifelong dream to learn how to write a book, how to publish a book, or how to become a bestselling author, and I'd love to share it with you.


I'll be your conductor:  let's find your inner book together.


Check out my next event - BestSelling Author Mastery Live - Oct 15-17. 

The Story of Maria - Cancer Survivor Turns Best-Selling Author and Dating Coach


One of the reasons I love coaching people is because of their stories. My clients have some of the most amazing stories. I’d love to tell you about my friend/client Maria. Before COVID hit, I was going to do an in-person workshop to teach people how to write and publish their first book. But just before the COVID lockdown hit us, I decided to convert my event to be online. 


Well…. Maria took my one day workshop on zoom but had her camera off. I was a little disappointed because I love seeing her gorgeous face. After the event, she contacted me and said “Kelly, I’m so glad you made your event online, I wouldn’t have been able to take it if you had done it in person.” 


I’m a ‘why’ girl, so of course, I asked her “Why couldn’t you have taken it in person; why did it have to be online?”


She proceeded to tell me that she was diagnosed with cancer and going for chemo treatments at the time, so she couldn’t leave her house. I was shocked because I had no idea she had cancer. She had very limited funds, but she still hired me as a coach to help her get her book published.


Well…. After I finished coaching her, the next thing I saw; she was a Best-Selling Author on Amazon!!!


She followed my strategies, published her book and became a Best-Selling Author and then wrote 10 more books (romance novels) and is now a dating coach; well on her way to making a 6-figure income. 


Last time I talked to her she said “Thank you Kelly, because I had cancer I could no longer do my business and I had to shut down my house cleaning business and now I have a new business as a best-selling author and dating coach. YOU SAVED MY LIFE!”


You can check out Maria’s best-selling dating book (How to Find and Keep a Man) at: 


Would you like to be like Maria and get your book done, published and launched so you can make an impact and a 6-figure income? If so, check out the next event Best-Selling Author Mastery Live event - Oct 15-17.  Your early bird ticket is available at: 


The Story of Sylvie - The Book That Never Came to Be


I want to tell you why it's so passionate about what I do. A couple of years ago a friend of mine came to me and she had cancer. In fact, she had cancer, eight times in nine years and she said to me, "Kelly. I want to write a book. Can you help me?"


And I said, "Sure absolutely let's get your book out there, you need to be an author."


Well, life got in the way...


And her cancer got worse...


And I got crazy busy, and the book didn't get written...


And just last summer, she passed away.


She passed away with an incredible message inside of her. And I have carried this guilt with me that I didn't help her get her book out there.


And so the reason I want to share this with you is because I believe everybody can write a book!


I know I can teach you how to write a book; how to get it published, and how to even become a best selling author.


That's what I do and I love it.


And so I want to help you get your message out there, I want to teach you how to capture your message, how to write it, how to spread it, get it published, and I also want to teach you how to take your message and live your message.


You might want to have a documentary about your life story like I have, or maybe you want to do podcasting maybe you want to be a coach, maybe you want to be a speaker, whatever that is. I can help you get there.


And this is how I can do it. Oct 15-17, I am doing my next event. It's called The Best Selling Author mastery live. It's a three day event. It's on Zoom, and we are going to walk you through all this for are the three pillars on how to write your method, how to spread it and how to live it, so that you can take your message and feel amazing, that you are getting your message out there in a bigger way.


I know there's so many people that come to me and they say, I just don't know where to start. And I don't know how to do it, and I say, That's okay. That's what I'm here for. So, on Oct 15- 17, Best Selling Author Mastery Live is where I'm going to teach you all the steps that it takes to write, publish, and launch your book.


So, I would love for you to join me, and if you have some other friends, feel free to share it with them too. It's going to be live on Zoom, and for all three days, and I would love to have you there, I'd love to show you how you can do it, and be like, all my other clients and be a best selling author. 


Grab your ticket at:

Oct 15-17


Kelly Falardeau

Best-Selling Author Strategist